Improve your Company’s Cash Position, Profitability and Business Value

“Our team” is experienced in preparing for client team meetings, documenting the meetings as well as perform research during the meeting, as needed. This has been extremely effective. It enables everyone in the team meeting to stay focused and decisions makers are free to keep the discussion on point. Our team summarizes the meeting results and decisions made to move the company forward. This tracking is one less burden for the client and his management team. They can quickly see the major decisions made and the next steps to take to improve the company performance.

  Our Team  

Lee Greytak     

Advisor and Board of Director in Financial Strategic Planning, Improving Financial Performance, Management Reports, Financial Models, Budgets, Projections, Cash Flow, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Operational and Financial Processes, Business Alliances, Preparing CEO & Companies in Exit Strategies, Planning and Execution, Due Diligence, Mergers, Acquisitions, Corporate Re-Organization.


Mike Chen 
Data Research

Mike handles the initial review of client financials, reports and data research.

Phong Tieu     
Finance / Accountant

Phong handles the coordination and gathering of client financials, reports and data for the initial
review process. Phong is involved in the review of client financial information and reports and is
on the presentation team.

Fiona Tang      
Project Manager

Fiona is responsible for client project management including providing day-to-day communication and coordination with the project teams to ensure projects remain on schedule and within budget. Fiona has a strong working relationship with owners, CEO and client management resulting in a successful consulting relationship experience. Fiona is on the client
presentation team.

Jessica Brownfield
Contracts and Agreements

Jessica reviews various client contracts, leases and agreements and their financial impact. She reviews vendors and suppliers and researches alternate sources.

Angel Mendoza
Business Development

Angel has many years of business development experience in the Orange County area. Angel connects well with business owners and CEO’s to show the benefits of knowing your numbers and running a financially sound company.